Monday, July 7, 2014

June Wantable Accessories Box

Wantable is a monthly subscription box that offers 3 choices - Accessories, Makeup and Intimates.
For Canadians, it is $36.00 USD plus shipping and duties. Boxes are customized depending on your style preferences from a survey that you fill out that can be updated whenever you want to change things up.
Wantable is the most expensive subscription box I subscribe to, but it is the one I look forward to each month.

Shilo Necklace $22.00
 A great statement necklace for summer. I love the pistachio/mint green colour with the gold tone. I have several outfits I know this will look great with.

Mallory Sunglasses $18.00
I actually changed my styles preferences last month in hopes that they would include more sunglasses as I badly needed some for summer, so i was pretty excited when i received 2 pair.
These have a tortoise shell frame with a gold bar across the top.
To be honest, I am not sure about these. The sunglasses actually look great off, but when i put them on I think they look crooked. I think it's actually because of the gold bar across the top, unless you have a super symmetrical face, that bar brings out your flaws.

Victorya Earrings $21.00
Unfortunately these earrings came broken. (You can see on the left earring, some of the tassels had fallen off). These do look nice, but they are very heavy. I feel like even if I got to wear them, they may have bothered my ears within an hour.
Wantable has great customer service so when I emailed them about the earrings they gladly offered to send a new item.

Aimee Sunglasses $17.00
These sunglasses are have big lenses with a green frame. These are not my normal style but I do very much like them and have wore them several times already.

Overall, June's month was just OK. The overall value of the box is $78.00. The price is slightly inflated, but I do believe it is still a good value. I have on my style preferences that I 'love' the Rock 'n Roll style and I don't know how much of this box i would consider 'Rock 'n Roll'.

Do you subscribe to Wantable? What items did you receive?

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