Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Current Subscription Boxes I am Subscribed To

Wantable Accessories

$56.00 CAD per month

I actually just resubscribed to this for the June box. I hated my May box (April box is shown in pic) so much I sent the entire thing back and cancelled my subscription. It is the most expensive box I subscribe to, and the value isn't always what it should be. But then I had some remorse about it because I originally loved it so much. We'll see what next month brings.

Ipsy  Ipsy

$14.95 USD per month 

I have only received Ipsy for 2 months, and so far I have loved it! Ipsy is still really new to me, so I don't have many complaints.

Top Box

$12.00 CAD per month

Probably my favorite beauty subscription box that I am subscribed to. Last month I got a fragrance prive box and Stila eyeliner as a $10 add on. I love that it's a Canadian subscription box and I love how they have the options to apply for prive boxes.  I haven't been disappointed by Top Box yet. Top Box has also been releasing Limited Edition boxes. I didn't sign up for the LouLou limited edition, but I did sign up for the most recent FLARE and Chatelaine ones.
Top Box does have a wait list, and I believe I waited about 2 months to actually be able to join.

Beauty Box 5

$12.00 USD per month

Beauty Box 5 is a decent beauty subscription box, but so far with my subscription where I haven't really been too excited about it. I haven't received any boxes where I have even really remembered any items that came in it. I subscribed for a year, and I think I am about 4 months in.

Bark Box Bark

$19.00 USD per month
Sounds silly, but this is usually the box I get most excited for when I see it in the mail.  My two dogs always love the products inside and get very excited when they receive new toys. Which is exactly probably why I get excited when I see the box in the mail. I am a dog person and spoil my two rotten.

So that is my current list of Subscription Boxes. I am Canadian and I know there are lots of great subscription boxes that are unavailable here at this time.  Are there any I am missing out on that you love? Any you think I should get rid of? Comment below and let me know!

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